This page further explains X1DAO's utilities and future plans.

Our project's central utility is our defi, X1 Wallet, which is a mobile app that will allow investors to hold and trade their tokens securely through direct, fiat-to-crypto purchases.

The X1 Wallet will incorporate a token tracking system, which will have a charting integration, and allow users to track purchases and the current value of their holdings real-time, while also being able to receive notifications, depending on the user's preferences.

Alongside our tracker, we are currently developing a DEX, that will also be found within the world X1 Wallet app. The design of the DEX follows the model of PancakeSwap, one of the biggest defi exchanges worldwide. Our backend team is working hard on developing and integrating this service into our project's main use, in order to offer a convenient, smooth-running marketplace, that's always available on your phone.

Both X1 Wallet, Tracker and DEX are presently in the stage of development and unit testing, as our team has already completed the stage of designing the application's UI and UX. Both the X1DAO Wallet and DEX are being developed side by side, as we want to release them as close together as we can, to improve the experience of our product. That being said, our development team is working as fast as they can to provide you with a sleek app, that will make trading easier and help keep your tokens organized.

Updates will continue to be released as our product takes more shape and our utilities go live, and our team discusses additional features that can be worked into our app to make it a true game-changer in the crypto world!

Utility Summary:

  • X1 Wallet

- Real-Time Tracker Integration

- Charting Integration

  • X1DAO DEX x X1 Wallet Integration

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